Located in the city “Krathumbaen” , has been serving the P.P. Mat Industry since 1975. Over the years Yong Seng Mat Mills has evolved into a leading exporter of quality P.P. Mat products.

Our home P.P. rugs and array of P.P. mat products come in multitudes of colors, and sizes. Also, we follow total quality management principle, which is replicated, in our wide range of products. Every employee at Yong Seng aims to Produce zero defect products by getting things right at the very first time and every time.

Today, Yong Seng is vertically integrated; we have complete pattern designing, Plastic extrusion, jacquard weaving, as well as sewing and cutting facilities to Produce the best possible products of your requirements. This amalgamation has been developed at every stages by our vision – “ Continuously improve the quality to present to the global market”